This site is dedicated to helping the mid to high handicap golfer discover the golf game that lies beyond swing mechanics. Have you ever hit a perfect shot? My goal is helping you discover your unique recipe to re-create those shots.

Traditional golf instruction is obsessed with swing mechanics. This paradigm seduces thousands of golfers into an endless cycle of fault-finding and error correction.

Do you invest in lessons every year and practice diligently, but only realize marginal (if any)



You're not alone!

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? If you answered "yes", then you have the ability to score in the eighties. All you need are solid fundamentals (which can be mastered in three lessons)
and a consistent mental routine. 


Our Simple Tips/Fast Results Youtube channel offers video tips on all parts of the game.
The Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series is an award-winning series based on feedback from over eleven-thousand mid to high handicap golfers.

You can download your free copy below.

For the Do-It-Yourself learner, our two Udemy instruction programs (Ultimate Golf) and (Fix Your Golf Slice!) are economical, easy to follow, videos for the Beginner/Intermediate golfer. 

Our bi-weekly blog series offers easy reading, mental tips to you develop a consistent mental attitude. The content is available for free on ezinearticles.com.

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"A new and unique way to teach the game of golf, and it WORKS! After years of beating balls and beating up on myself, Dave's approach has been a savior to my psyche. This is a must-read for all golfers!"

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"...Playing Out of Your Mind is a great read for all golfers
who want to start scoring better and enjoying  the game more!"